Wonderful to be here with you, wonderful steps for ones so young and eager to ‘know thyself’.

It may be that you find that you are not like anyone else around you. You have been and are a perceptive and very sensitive child and received many a mixed message from the adults around you and often ones have been quite threatened by the amount of light and love that you have emanated with from so early in your life. And it may be that you have built many a protective mechanism into your systems to shield your heart from the pain here. So we are going to learn together that the only way to transform the pain here is to love. Pain is our resistance to feeling. We have been taught from so early to not feel by priortising the mind and thinking. And you are still so young and what a wondrous time to now take up the challenge to love the truth, and to learn how to feel without judgment, that the pain be transformed into flowing energy, movement into light once more in your honouring of feeling and being strong and centred in the moment, confident in your capacity to love and to make a change by being fully who you are, and grounding this in your day to day lives as the young Ones of today, the Shinning Lights of Earths future. Strong, self-determining, worthy and unconditionally loving, marching in the new ways of being, from the heart, in Oneness and Unity. As we join all hearts and the One heart in the celebration of love, light and life upon this Christed Planet Earth.

All of you are the hope and brilliance of the future and of now!!

Blessings of love From Arcturus.

Much love always,