A Wesak Message of Love from Arcturus

Beloved Ones it is with great importance in these moments in Earth time that we share in the message of love, as we unite in the revelation of love and of truth.

Beloved Ones, we are Arcturian, it is with peace and love we rejoice in the joining of so many hearts into the one heart of all expression and of all life, of all beingness, of love, peace and unity. To unite, to become One, to be in unity, as one we extrapolate out into the vastness of all that is, we focus from within, a speck within the macrocosm through which energy is focused and we are in ‘deed’ [through our thoughts, words and actions] we are this energy, in of and for love, in service to all that is.

We hold you sacredly and lovingly within our embrace in these most important and sacred moments in communion with the divine, in the uniting of our hearts in love, peace truth and in harmony with the flow and rhythm of love and the loving, in harmony and flow with the rhythm of creation in rhythm with the flow of the in-breath and out-breath of all creation, as you breathe in love and breathe out love, so is all life in rhythm, as within so without as above so below. As we move in sacred breath and dance in the rhythm and flow of the Universe and the Universes.

We love and honour you, your beingness, from within form life you reach so deeply within to find the space where the sacredness of heart enriches and enfolds all life and all living. To reach so deep within yourself to connect with the rhythm and flow of the Universal Presence of Love that is not ever far from your remembering and we are loving you in all connectedness, and we seek within as you seek within to know more and be more Spirit in our expressions and in our joining and sharing of our Worlds of which are not separate, are of the One ness, are of the ebb and flow of the vibration and frequencies of love, in our own choosing, in our own uniting with the spirit within, we may live and learn and love our realities back into the truth within the mind of God/Spirit, as we seek to know the truth within, to know and relate and commune with, to be as one, to know no separateness as the Spirit within, so it is that we emanate with and lift the vibrations and frequencies into higher and higher flows of unconditional love and beyond.

From within our world, which is within our hearts we know and experience Peace, we know and experience Unity; we know and experience Unconditional Love and Joy. Our young are birthed into unconditional love, they are loved, nurtured and educated through Unity and Christ consciousness, we do not experience dis ease we do not experience frequencies in resonance below unconditional love, we do not know separateness, our communication is a full embracement and sharing within the divinity of all, of self and of other, an all encompassing sharing from within the heart, a blending. There is no measuring of sequences and events there is nothing untold or unshared in the now moment, all of our heart light shines forth in all moments. We experience stillness and serenity. Yet still our young search for a sparkle that has long been forgotten within our Race, the sparkle that comes from uniqueness and exploring uncharted worlds, their wonder of the ‘fairy tales’ of a past, as we have so much become the sameness within the Sacred qualities that are strong within our Race. The young are in search of the uniqueness within sameness that has been blended into all our hearts as One, in Unity we know all of each the other and it is a most beautiful space and we are here to share this with you as brothers and sisters in Spirit, and we come here also to learn from you of the sparkle that ignites the most sleeping heart into the search for the well spring of love that is the Spirit within. The sparkle that awakens you and drives you forward on your journey in your search for love that is only forgotten in the illusion of separateness.

It is in giving that we receive and we are loving you, embracing and honouring you in this sacred time of rejoicing and uniting into expanded awareness of the divine, from the sacredness within all hearts, the sacredness within the One heart, blessed are we in this sacred communion with all of you Dear Ones in your remembrance and sharing of ‘your sparkle’, may we serve you for the highest love and for the greatest good of all.

Blessings of Arcturian Light,

Much love always,