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Warm greeting to you,

I work very closely with the Arcturians, facilitating Arcturian Inner Time Healing. This is working with Arcturian advanced light technologies. The free 28 day healing focus is done remotely, initially it is a focus with you to set up healing/clearing frequencies of unconditional love and above to run through your subtle energy bodies, we ask that you only be open to unconditional love and above as its very important to be discerning in all your requests and spiritual endeavors with respect to your eternal journey; the healing focus will continue with follow up healing transmissions for the 28days. I also send to you a simple daily protection/clearing and affirmations program for you to engage with for the duration of the healing/clearing focus, to assist you with releasing old patterns and programming and making changes in your behaviour, attitudes and expression in your day to day living, assisting to ground the healing/clearing into the form levels of your Being.

In our work, we focus very importantly on psychological clarity and presence. To make our human vehicle safe host for Spirit that we may wake up, engage and ground our love and gifts and abilities for the greater good of humanity and the planet, in selfless service to all that is. As Earth moves into 4th dimensional reality, the key component to life and evolution here now is LOVE. Is to be Love/Spirit expressing here in form. Its about 'let us'; it is about 'what can I contribute', rather than what can 'I' get out of this. Because of my presence, my energy, my actions, my thoughts, words and deeds, there must be more love and harmony within and upon this planet. We are moving into actualising higher dimensional experiences of Oneness and Unity through our human expression upon the planet. Loving the self, yet being selfless, loving and respecting our human embodiment as a gift from the Earth Mother, that we may be and express our unique source essence here upon the planet. We have a body, yet we are not the body.

The healing gift is an example for you, with the encouragement of these Beings of Love, to experience and glimpse your own potential for love, that you may open your heart to a deeper experience of your own remembering of Spirit within.

Blessings of Arcturian Light,
much love,