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The Importance of Energetic Hygiene

We live on a planet resonating with fear based/separative thinking, the negative ego, victim consciousness controlling the masses in unconsciousness. As Heart Masters in the making, becoming conscious and awakening we are constantly being bombarded with this fear resonance from within and from without, in the form of our own fear based negative programming and patterning and as energetic projection and attack from external sources.

As we work on ourselves, on our processing, on clearing out the fear based negative programming and patterning within ourselves, as we purify our four body systems, with each step that we take into transcending the negative ego and victim consciousness, as we begin to shine our light more and more, the more important it becomes to be able to protect ourselves from energetic attack, fear projections, negative thoughts and feelings of others and our own selves and fear resonating within the matrix as subliminal programming, mind control, power over, control and manipulation through fear based motives, lower vibrational energies, entities, astral level energies and entities and general fear and negativity that is prevalent in this system.

It all begins with self.

Our most important relationship is our relationship with self and Spirit, our own source essence.

When we are right with self and the Spirit within, all other relationships stem from here. We need to be in right relationship with self to be in right relationship with other.

Know thyself!

So AWARENESS and PRESENT-NESS in all moments is a key.

To be in unconditional self-love and self-worth, to be fully conscious and exercising our strong, clear, loving boundaries in unconditional love, kindness, consideration and acknowledgement of the truth; to stand firmly in our self determination; to be in wisdom, accountability, humility, the holy encounter - God/Spirit in me greets, loves, honours God/Spirit in you – to be valuing life.

Where our inner critic is transformed and raised to become our inner coach, so we are now embracing the self-discipline and self-motivation needed to align to the truth and to coach ourselves through the process in a new positive, uplifting and self-empowering way.

We discover that other people’s thoughts and opinions are their own, are none of our business and have nothing to do with us or the truth; that is simply their own thoughts and opinions. We learn to release living by the opinions of others, as it is impossible, conditional and self-restricting, we learn to release seeking validation and approval outside of ourselves, to simply be ourselves, to JUST BE – to be filled with love from our own source essence and to radiate from here, to give from the overflow and to be content within our healthy self-esteem foundation.

It is so important to be present, as we lose respect and rapport with our vehicle, our human expression when we are absent from the body. We must regain trust and respect; we must stay present, be in humility and demonstrate presence, commitment and accountability.

To love and enjoy Earth Life, to engage in life, it’s about the journey, present in the moment and in the flow of creative expression. Always greeting anew. For us to step forward through life, engage in life, to not wait for life to happen, we must walk forward, take action, be proactive and self determining through life.

Wisdom is love in action.

To be in and act out of unconditional love in every choice we make.

Through choices and consequences.

We have a choice in every moment. We create our own reality. Our thoughts create our reality. What we focus on is where we put our energy, is what we create. What we judge, we become. What we judge we get to experience. This is why it is so important to release all judgment. What we focus on, is what we give our energy to, we will draw to ourselves, like attracts like, in the magnetic attraction of energy.

What energy are you creating your next moment with?

Is your glass half empty or half full?

Do you hate war or do you LOVE PEACE?

To be in unconditional love, wisdom and to be powerfully loving is taking responsibility for all our choices and consequences of our choices. The response evoked must be of love, no matter what. Because of our energy, our choices, our actions, because of our presence, there must be more love and harmony upon and within the planet, the outcome must be of love, the response evoked must be of love and harmony, by standing firm in our boundaries and exercising wisdom through the highest wisest lens of love, viewing the bigger picture, what would love do now, what would love do next? This is trusting our own source essence, trusting the God within, trusting self, mother/father God, thy will not my will be done. There is only one choice, fear or love? [fear is the lower vibrations of love]. The choice is love and there is always a better way, ever adaptable, ever changing, ever growing into the new.

We are offering a free, simple process as an example for you to understand the importance of energetic protection, clearing and positive affirmation, and be able to apply this in your life on a daily basis, just as you would care for yourself in other ways, like taking a daily shower, cleaning your teeth, brushing your hair, eating healthy food and drinking plenty of pure water, caring for yourself on a physical level, expanding to consciously care for yourself on emotional, mental, soul and higher energy body levels as well. Caring for yourself physically and energetically, to not live exclusively on the outer, yet to be more consciously involved in manifesting on the outer from engaging and embracing a more conscious, rich inner life.

As we dress each morning and prepare for our day, we also address and prepare ourselves energetically, through our energetic protection and affirm our positive focus toward the grounding and expressing of unconditional love and above; to choose love over fear in each and every moment; to continue taking steps toward becoming more conscious and aware in our Heart Mastery.

What would love do now? What would love do next?

Blessings of Arcturian Light,
much love,