My Vision/Mission Statement

MY VISION is a World free of fear, where the Family of Humanity walk hand in hand in the Remembrance of the Sacredness of the Child as being a Key to our Christed Future, where all Life and all Living Things are Embraced in Unconditional Love and Harmony within Unity of the One Heart.

Through embracing my own Journey in Walking the Talk of Love, Light and Truth within my Sphere of Influence as a Parent, Ascension Teacher and Healer, through my Inner Plane connection with the Arcturians, I see, feel and experience MY MISSION as sharing basic grounded Tools for Transformation toward the Education of Humanity into the Remembrance of the Spirit within. To share the Gift of Unconditional Love and Oneness Co-creating the Upliftment of Human Kind.

Because of my Presence, my Influence, my Energy, because of my Choices – there must be more Unconditional Love and Harmony upon and within this Planet, in the Restoration of Earth and all Kingdoms upon and within Earth to Pristine State.

I am devoted to Service 24/7, it is not separate from my life and my everyday living, being in Service is every breath and every step I take, much of my Service Work is behind the Scenes, however I fulfill my commitment to this Service by engaging in my life as a Human Being on Planet Earth, as I work on my psychological clarity, to continually gain and maintain more and more clarity in each and every moment, to BE HERE NOW and to clear fear and faulty patterning and programming to reprogram with love and to consciously choose to open only to energy and frequencies of Unconditional love and above - these have been huge Keys to becoming more and more useful as a Lightworker, to WALK THE TALK and be an example in creating and embracing all change from within, loving and engaging within my bio-matrix, this beautiful Energy Processing Unit referred to as my four body system in the form levels on Earth.

Much of my learning is about being fully present, conscious and aware in all moments, embracing and loving Earth Life. So it is the simple ABC that is my greatest learning and through my experience our foundations are of utmost importance. All of our higher light and gifts are useless unless we can anchor and integrate this here into and through our expression on Earth. Our foundation work is my focus, is what has brought me to this moment and it is what I teach and share to be a guiding light, as I embrace the love and guidance of those walking these steps ahead of me and as I love and guide those walking these steps just after me.

My goals are therefore everything to do with being grounded, being present and successful in my Life as a Mum, as a Way Shower, as a Healer, paying attention to the simple things in life that I find so amazing and so very challenging in the same moment. To be here yet not be of here, to be fully focused on the realization of the Spirit within in each and every moment.