My Vision/Mission Statement

MY VISION is a World free of fear, where the Family of Humanity walk hand in hand in the Remembrance of the Sacredness of the Child as being a Key to our Christed Future, where all Life and all Living Things are Embraced in Unconditional Love and Harmony within Unity of the One Heart.

Through embracing my own Journey in Walking the Talk of Love, Light and Truth within my Sphere of Influence as a Parent, Ascension Teacher and Healer, through my Inner Plane connection with the Arcturians, I see, feel and experience MY MISSION as sharing basic grounded Tools for Transformation toward the Education of Humanity into the Remembrance of the Spirit within. To share the Gift of Unconditional Love and Oneness Co-creating the Upliftment of Human Kind.

Because of my Presence, my Influence, my Energy, because of my Choices – there must be more Unconditional Love and Harmony upon and within this Planet, in the Restoration of Earth and all Kingdoms upon and within Earth to Pristine State.

The Arcturians are Christed Beings of Love working with Humanity and the Earth in these important times upon the Planet.

Hello  my name is Nerida,

Growing up in a small town in North Queensland, after school I became a florist and straight into parenthood, my kids became a priority focus for me, opening a deep recognition of the importance of this role and a soul searching longing to better myself, to want to be a better example and to contribute positively to their future.

I came across the Violet Earth, now the Cosmosis™ Mentoring Centre in the very early stages of its development; I became a Founding Member and began my training with Michael King and Linda Koen, in the area of Personal and Spiritual Growth and Development, Seership and Course Development. A wonderful experience coming on board in the early stages of a new project, we become multi-skilled through our commitment and passion to share and give back, as well as what we bring to the table, we also do what needs to be done, a wonderful journey of unfoldment and growth.